Pet minding

Petacular Services provides you with a minding service straight from your home! Your pet feels more secure and safe within their own home and environment.

Each visit includes feeding, refreshing their water, cleaning of any litter trays or cages, medicating your pet if necessary and a walk for your dog(s) or some attention/play time for any other pet. We can also collect your mail, water pot plants and help maintain your pool.

Our pet minding prices start from:

Start from $30 per visit.

The cost does depend on your location and the number and type of pets you have.


  • Petacular Services will not walk or mind any dog(s) that don't have a collar or tag!
  • We will not mind any dog(s) considered dangerous by council that also require a muzzle.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Terriers, Boxers, Bull Mastiffs and other strong breeds will need to be checked by myself regarding their behaviour.
  • Any outdoor cats requiring minding may be better suited inside your home during your time away as some may stray.
  • Public holidays will incur a 20% surcharge.

Please contact us for more information.