Dog walking

The benefits of exercising your dog(s):

  • An exercised and tired dog is a well behaved dog ie. minimises destruction
  • Your dog must be socialised to prevent aggression towards other dogs
  • Maintains their overall health which in turn could minimise your vet bills
  • Furthermore, an exercised dog is a happy dog!

Petacular Services offers individual or group walks. We come to your home to pick up your dog(s) so all you need to do is leave out their lead(s) for us to collect. We visit the following parks: Barra Brui Oval; St Ives Showground; Blenheim Park; Blackman Park; Killara Oval; Roseville Park; Beauchamp Park; South Turramurra Park; Bayview Beach. Any aggressive dogs will be walked separately or will wear a muzzle. 

Our dog walking prices start from:

Half hourly walk = $15 for one dog.

Hourly walk = $25 for one dog. 

A travel cost may be charged depending on your location.


  • Petacular Services will not walk or mind any dog(s) that don't have a collar or tag!
  • We will not mind any dog(s) considered dangerous by council that also require a muzzle.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Terriers, Boxers, Bull Mastiffs and other strong breeds will need to be checked by myself regarding their behaviour.
  • Public holidays will incur a 20% surcharge.

Please contact us should you have more than one dog.